Hogg’s Mine Day Event – Saturday February 22

You Can Dig For One-Of-A-Kind Crystals & Gems At Hogg’s Mine In Georgia.

Sometimes it’s the attractions in Georgia where you can get hands deep in nature that really end up being the best. Take picking your own pumpkins, for instance. Hunting each pumpkin out and cutting them from the vine is so much more rewarding than simply buying one from the local market. This particular attraction features a mine in Georgia which allows you to get hands deep in the dirt of Georgia in order to hunt for crystals and gems like you wouldn’t believe.

Location: LaGrange, GA 30240-8402

Campmaster: John Tomlin

Opportunity: 2 Merit Badges and a “TON OF FUN!” Geology & Mining in Society. Mr. Tomlin our camp master and merit badge counselor  will be working with attendees over the next month to help you complete two merit badges. Yes, you are going to get your hands dirty, and the work will be hard, but when your finished you will have two great badges to add to your sash.

Permission Slip: Permission Slip Click Here – Hogg’s Mine Day Event

Please review the permission slip on what you need to bring and when payment is due! BE PREPARED. A schedule will be avalable shortly…

Personal Tools Required: You will need to bring your own tools to the dig, as tools will not be provided, so bring a 5-gallon bucket, pick, hand shovel, gloves, safety glasses, chisels, a potato rake, sand sifter and a hammer.


Links below to download Geology MB & Mining in Society MB Books:

Geology Merit Badge Book Click Here

Mining in Society Merit Badge Book Click Here


Links to download Geology & Mining in Society MB Work Books:

Geology MB Workbook            Mining-in-Society MB Workbook