Scout (Youth) Leadership & Positions of Responsibility


       PLC Meetings are the 1st Monday of every month at 7:00PM at the Contemporary Worship Center

Scout leadership and positions of responsibility are set every six months. January through June and July through December. Positions are approved by the Scoutmaster after being reviewed and recommended by the Senior Patrol Leader

Click Here to Review: Troop 2193 Scout Contracts for the Position of Leadership

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

Cormac McCarthy                    Dalton Burchett                          Will Harper
The Members of the Troop Patrol Leaders Council 

 Senior Patrol Leader

Hays Dixon
Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders

 Jacob Stolar & Cole Goembel

Patrol Leaders

Luke Ward                          Jessie Edmonson                       Lucas Graham                            Josiah Jorek                               Isak Burgum                      Caleb Long
Members of the Troop Support

Scott Pollard                          Will Pollard                       Steven Pollard
Troop Guides

Joseph Ashley                            Anthony Graham                         Timothy Brandon

Walter McReady                        Grant Ward                                   Will Craycraft                                    Daniel Garrett                                     Carson Hopkins                                 Ben Montequin                                   Carson Hopkins                                 Ethan Chitnas                                    Wilfrado Gonzales              Creighton Hong
Outdoor Ethics Guide
Vincent Christ
Leave No Trace Trainer
Cormac McCarthy,                      Lucas Graham,                           Anthony Graham,                       Jessie Edmonson,                    Will Craycraft,                             Hays Dixon,                                Evan Goembel


Den Chief

 Matthew Warren

Chaplain’s Aid

 Luke Ward

 Will Huey

 Will Craycraft
Order of the Arrow Representative

 Joseph Ashley

Joseph Ashley