The Jimmy Stewart BSA Good Citizenship Medal & Patch Requirements

The James M. Stewart Museum Foundation and The Boy Scouts of America announce a new award for Boy Scouts, The James M. Stewart Good Citizenship Award. This award has been established by the James M. Stewart Museum Foundation with the consent and cooperation of the Boy Scouts of America, Penn’s Woods Council and the family of James M. Stewart. The purpose of this award is to introduce Boy Scouts to the life of a great American, James Maitland Stewart. The Jimmy Stewart Museum is offering this award to a Boy Scout or Scouter who has exemplified the characteristics necessary to live the life of a Good Citizen.

Scouts and Parents:

On behalf of Trey Isham thank you all who have participated in Trey’s Eagle Scout Leadership project. I know Trey will be thanking you all in the weeks to come…it was a great day of Scouting and patriotism. The following requirements are needed to earn the award. Plans are to complete all paperwork and forward the request for the awards by May 1st and in time to receive the medals so they can be given out at the May Court of Honor.


The requirements are as follows:

1. I will need a copy of your Scout membership card that shows your name, membership # and an expiration date of January 2018. These cards were passed out by Jeff Brandon over the last few weeks. If needed I could use a copy of our recharter to prove you are currently registered as a Scout if needed, but the card is better.

2. I will make a written summary for the entire group, you do not need to!

3. I will also include a photo documentation of the project, you do not need to!

4. You must complete the museum quiz and fill in the answers in the workbook. You will need to go online to complete part of this as a virtual tour and also read the workbook.

5. You are to write a 500+ word essay on what it means to be a good citizen as it applies to being a Scout and turn it in with the completed pages 15-17 of the workbook. Put your name on everything!

6. I will take any questions from the Jimmy Stewart Museum concerning this project.

7. You will need to turn this into Jim McCarthy by the April 27th troop meeting…BE PREPARED

Please call me if you did not get your workbook or if you have any questions.
Jim McCarthy evenings or weekends at 678-939-0399 cell or 678-423-9881 home