Trey Isham’s “Thank You” for helping with his Eagle Scout Leadership Project

Hello Everyone!

I just want to send this email out to thank everyone for coming to my Eagle project on April 1st. Please accept my sincerest apologies for not emailing this sooner. First order of business: we retired all of the flags! It sounds small when phrased like that, but keep in mind that we had over 100 flags. That’s no small workload and I’m grateful for every worker and persons who donated to the cause.

I couldn’t have done it without any of you and I’m especially thankful for Mr. McCarthy, because without him I would not have gotten a quarter of the way as far as I did, and because he has been taking care of the Jimmy Stewart part of my project for me. Thank you also to the people who worked at the fire pit area, because without your work we’d have just been throwing flags into the fire randomly and hoping that it’d not burn us. Thank you to the people who carried flags and helped cut them up so that we could retire them. You guys made it very, very easy for everyone to do their jobs and everyone helped carry their part of the workload.

Thank you to all of the parents (mine included!) that helped by showing up, bringing their scouts, or just providing encouragement to everyone around them (among other things). A special thank you to Corey McCarthy who worked with me through all working periods, helped work the fire area, helped set up and take down everything, and startled me and Joseph half to death with the blank cannon rounds. Thank you to Sean McCarthy, even if he wasn’t there all day (we all have stuff to do) he helped set up the sound and movie areas, unpacked the equipment and materials, and also worked late with his brother Cory the night before the project was going to happen.

Thank you to everyone for your dedication, hard work, and especially your time. I certainly could not have done it without any of you.


Trey Isham