Backpacking Overnight Blood Mountain 11/13-15/2020

Blood Mountain is the tallest peak on Georgia’s stretch of the Appalachian Trail, offering stunning summit views. And it’s one of Georgia’s most popular hiking destinations. Blood Mountain draws day hikers and backpackers to its summit by the dozens every fair-weather weekend. But there’s more to Blood Mountain than the often-hiked route from Neels Gap to the 4,458-foot summit. Explore the Blood Mountain summit’s beauty from all angles with this list of our favorite Blood Mountain hiking trails, and grab some serenity on the mountain’s lesser-traveled trails.


Activity: Backpacking Overnight “Blood Mountain”                   Date: 11/13-15/2020                                                                       Campmasters: Two Teams                                                                  Team #1                                                                                                           Mike Pollard 678-877-7555                     Sean Betta 678-414-9585                               Team #2                                                                                                   Sam Young 404-915-5321                           Departure: Friday 11-13 at 3:00pm sharp from Cokes Chapel Return: Sunday 11-15 5:00pm approx. at Cokes Chapel Cost:       Fee & Meals for attendee participation See permissions – Two Teams                                                                                             Permission Slips & Fees are Due: Thursday November 5, 2020 Activity Location: Appalachian Trail & Blood Mountain near Blairsville, Georgia                                                                                 ALL Participants are to Carry Copy of BSA Medical Form on their person and to inform Campmaster of any health issues. Adult Participation: Additional two deep adult support is needed, every adult must be (YPT) Youth Protection Trained on file Behavior: All participants are to follow personal conduct expectations of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.                        Preparation: There will be a backpack & equipment shakedown on Thursday November 5th for all attendees as well as a tent buddy check and driver confirmation.

Permission slips are below! Make sure you sign up for the correct team!

Troop 2193 Permission Slip – Blood Mountain 13-15-2020 (Sam Young’s Team)

Troop 2193 Permission Slip – Blood Mountain 13-15-2020 Mike Pollards Team)

Remember to visit the BE PREPARED website page for great downloads as you plan your personal equipment and for the weather!