A lot of planning has already been taking place to make the 2021 Camp Card sale better than ever. Camp Cards will be available for distribution from our Troop’s Camp Card Chairperson and then to Parents of our Scouts at the Troop meeting on Thursday, March 4th.

To our new parents: you may be asking ‘What is a Camp Card?’ The Camp Card is a discount card for local businesses in your area. The Flint River Council will produce 8 different Camp Cards to cover all the counties we serve. The Camp Card is designed to help Scouts earn their way to camp. Camp Cards sell for only $5 each and Scouts get 50% commission. A Scout can also earn prizes (TBA) and still gets the $2.50 commission from each card he sold. That’s just AMAZING!

The CAMP CARD value is $5.00 each and for every one your Scout sells he will receive 50% or $2.50 of the sale back to his personal scout account to use for his scout activities. This money can now be used to help mitigate scout expenditures for summer camp, a Philmont Trek, Sea Base, a new uniform or even a new backpack.

Parents will be required to sign for the CAMP CARDS and will be responsible for their value. Scouts will receive 20 cards or $100.00 worth of cards at a time. Additional cards are available once the original or previous 20 cards are paid for. Please DO NOT hold on to unsold cards that other scouts could sell…make a commitment to sell your CAMP CARDS if you are going to participate!

Payments to the troop to cover the card’s cost by the scout will be made by either cash or a personal check payable to Troop 2193 BSA made out by you the scout parent. DO NOT TURN IN CHECKS from people you sell cards to. These checks are to be made to you. You would then cash them and then make out a check covering their total amount to the troop.

ASM Mickey Goodwin is our Camp Card Guru.                After 5:00PM Cell #678-378-9483 M-Th and good on weekends.