May 1st & May 8th – Fellowship Yard Restoration – Eagle Project

Fellowship Yard Restoration Project &    John Hagen Memorial Fire Pit

Troop Committee, Adult Leadership and Scouts of Troop 2193:

I have just completed my Eagle Leadership Proposal and have received the required signatures to start the undertake the leadership role to begin the major restoration of the Fellowship Yard here at Cokes Chapel. Permission slip click below!

Troop 2193 Permission Slip – Eagle Project – Fellowship Yard Restoration May 1 & 8, 2021

Since the storms of early spring of 2020 the Fellowship Yard and the Parsonage Yard next door have suffered greatly. Several tree limbs have come down, one large Hickory tree blew over, and the maintenance of the eastern side of the yard has suffered greatly. My plan is to lead a group of Scouts, friends, and Adults to begin the process of restoration. Here are the areas I have on my list to accomplish on Saturday, May 1st and May 8th.

• Where the large Hickory tree was blown over; plans are to level the area where the root ball was removed requiring a major root clean up, fill dirt and leveling. Plans would be to then install in that area a stone surround fire pit to be then built for future use by the church. Drawings are complete and materials needed have been quoted by Home Depot & Tractor Supply. Mr. McCarthy with assistance will lead that project… Adult support here.

• Cleaning around all the three-storage building in the east area of the yard of misc. rocks, broken table, cement pieces and roof shingles. The misc. large limbs will then need additional downsizing for stacking. Mr. James Whitlock and a fellow associate from Monster Trees to ensure safety will be assisting here with cutting & splitting and youth doing the stacking.

• Clean behind the Scout Storage Hut of Chinese privet, thorns, and overgrowth. Once cleared; to then relocate the large hickory limbs which were then split to be stacked and covered for future church BBQs on wood pallets and covered by waterproof tarps.

• Clean area behind the southern exposer of the Fellowship Hall Building and to locate a new hose reel, hose, and nozzle. Clean the outdoor sink area and to mulch the ground area as needed.

• Youth to work together with Kevin Beam the church maintenance contractor, to clean along the Southern fence line from the Scout Storage Hut to the west parking area by removing of overhanging branches and undergrowth giving it a clean appearance. The need for a dumpster will be required here for both garbage and vegetation removal.

• After receiving several large dumps of wood chips / mulch before our workdays begin by Coweta EMC & Monster Trees; to now be spread this material along the front of the Fellowship Hall, the Church Office, and around the Fellowship Hall Pavilion as need. I will begin my recruiting in the next few weeks and hoping for a big turn out!

Life Scout,                                                                                                    Jacob Stolar