October 22nd – 24th Coweta District Fall Camporee – Search & Rescue Merit Badge & the Zombie Apocalypse

Its been eight years since the last invasion of Zombies at a District Scout Camporee. Now with the end of Covid-19, the fears of contact with the Walking Dead could now be with us again!

Just recently the Times Herald newspaper has warned residents that the possibility of a local invasion in west Coweta close to Boy Scout Road is foreseen this fall. It will be all hands on deck as we together work on Search & Rescue Merit Badge to prepare the Scouts of Coweta County to help insure the safety and security of the citizens of Coweta County from this danger. 

Besides excellent merit badge instruction, practice scenarios will include toxic waste removal, wrist rocket defense training, stretcher removal relays, a themed cooking event and much much more!

Rumors say that there will be a contest for the best Zombie Troop Campsite and for the best live troop member Zombie caught and brought to the Saturday Campfire. Be Prepared and study the following First-Aid information below…

More to come!