September 17th-19th – Overnight w/Day of Shooting Sports

Are you ready for a day of Shooting Sports, this weekend the troop will find out who is our best with a rifle or shot gun and who is our best with a bow. Plans are to spend a weekend down at camp and have some friendly competition and find out who is Troop 2193’s “TOP GUN!” or “Robin Hood”.


Plans are to come enjoy a weekend at Thunder and finish up that Rifle, Archery and Shoot Gun Merit Badges from summer camp, work on some incomplete outdoor MB badges or its also Merit Badge Day and get a new one started! New Scouts can work on some rank advancement…or just have some fun! 


The weekend is booked, but we need a Campmaster to put the logistics together with the scouts and make it great weekend in the outdoors! More updating coming as this weekend approaches!