Troop 2193 Positions of Adult Leadership (with explanations of responsibilities)

                                                                                                    Positions of Troop 2193 Leadership

Troop 2193 Adult Positions of Leadership Explained Click Here

Updated 11-4-17

 Troop Committee (Red are Voting Positions)

Charter Organization Representative (COR) Jim McCarthy

Committee Chair (CC) Nancy Burchett

Treasurer Sean Betta Looking for Replacement 1/1/2020

Treasurer Assistant Annette Stolar

Secretary Lara McCarthy

Membership Chair Brian Montequin

Advancement Chair Kristin Montequin

Activities Chair Michelle Goembel

Equipment Chair Matt Edmondson

Training Chair (Open) Currently Looking for Replacement

Pack Liaison Cubmaster David Hopkins                                                       

Healthcare Records Coordinator Cindy Maklin

Fund Raising Coordinator & FOS (OPEN) Currently Looking for Replacement

Troop Chaplain (ASM) Columbus Garret                                                       

Scouting for Food Coordinator (OPEN) Currently Looking for Replacement

Website Advisor Dale Christ

Service Project Coordinator Mickey Goodwin                                               

Re-Charter Coordinator Jim McCarthy

Uniform Bank Coordinator Cindy Maklin                                   

Eagle Scout Coach & Advisors Jim McCarthy & Sean McCarthy

News Letter Editor (OPEN) Currently Looking for Replacement

Troop Scoutmaster Corps

Scoutmaster Mike Pollard

Assistant Scoutmaster(s) (ASM) ARE LISTED BELOW

The Baden Powell Program (ASM of the 1st Year Scout) Sam Young

Scout Book Coordinator (ASM) Jeff Brandon

High Adventure (ASM) Barrett Thompson

Order of the Arrow (ASM) Frank Harper

Troop Junior Leader Advisor (ASM) (OPEN)

Patrol Advisors – Shadows (TBD by Mike Pollard)

Steve Conger – Black Dragons

Dale Christ – Rattlesnakes

Todd Hand – Knights Templar

Richard Stolar – Chipmonks

Columbus Garret – Great Forces

Summer Camp Master (ASM) Mike Pollard

(ASM at Large) Ken Ashley

(ASM at Large) Robert Huey