“So…You want to be a campmaster for a troop event?”

So you want to be a CAMP MASTER for an upcoming troop event?

The outdoor program is what makes Troop 2193 go, and trained Campmasters are who make our outdoor program successful. Thanks for agreeing to serve as Troop 2193 Campmaster…Here’s some great support info!

There are 4 key “P’s” to success of every camp out, they are:

PLANNING:  The earlier the better!

PROGRAM:   Specific activities at the campout coordinated through the Scoutmaster

PROMOTION:  It’s not enough to plan a great campout; you must sell it to the Scouts!

PARTICIPATION:  Delegate responsibilities to Scouts and Adults, and follow up to make sure delegated duties are done

This Handbook Link below is designed to help you complete the 4 “P’s.” PLEASE READ IT

The Campmaster Handbook 1-1-2020

Linked below is to the “Troop Activity Permission Slip”. This form is in “Word” so you can download it and then change it to meet the participants informational needs for the event. Work together with the Activities Chair, Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader so your information is accurate & complete. Send the information to Dale Christ early to create a webpage to support the event with information, pictures, downloads and links as needed.  

(NEW) Troop 2193 Permission Slip

Remember its all about planning & being PREPARED!